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We all love to read the news, but sometimes you feel down after reading too much negative news. Our goal is to change that! We built Lapis News for people who want a fresh take on current events—with a healthy dose of positivity.

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For the beautiful stories we never hear about.

Although it may not seem like it, the world is making several small wins every day, and although it doesn't make the headlines, it may just bring a smile to your face. There are beautiful stories we never hear about happening every day, and Lapis News aims to bring them to light.

For the jokes and videos that make you smile.

With the new addition of the jokes page and cute videos page, you can view new videos every day that make you say "awww." The jokes page is very punny with new jokes constantly added. With these features, you are garunteed to leave the app with a smile.

For the inspirational quotes that help you grow.

In the all-new second generation of Lapis News, there is a new quotes page, which shows you new motivational quotes every day. Lapis News not only gives you your daily dose of positivity but also inspires you to have a positive outlook on life.

Saurav Kumar

Hey! My name is Saurav, and I’m a super passionate entrepreneur. I am the founder, CEO, and developer of Lapis News. In my free time, I enjoy programming, catching up on the latest Disney+ Marvel show, and learning about space.

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Amisha Kumar

Hey! My name is Amisha Kumar and I am a junior at Case Western Reserve University pursuing a B.A. in Chemical Biology and Masters of Public Health. I am a cofounder, director of design, and developer for Lapis News. In my free time, I enjoy dancing, going on hikes and spending time with family.

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